Battlefield 4 gets sneakier with Night Operations DLC

Battlefield 4 Night Operations

It's been almost two years since Battlefield 4 came out, but Electronic Arts doesn't seem to be quite done with it yet. A new nighttime-focused DLC called Night Operations is set to come out in September, with a new map called Zavod: Graveyard Shift that features "several improvements and tweaks to allow for more stealthy and tactical gameplay," including upgraded sound and destructible light sources.

"We touched things like passive/active spotting to make it easier to flank your opponent. We’ve improved the sound system so you can pinpoint where those footsteps come from," EA wrote. "Additionally, we’ve also given the gadgets and tools of the night an improvement pass to make them shine in the dark (but less so during the day)."

Based on the Zavod 311 map, Zavod: Graveyard Shift supports all standard game modes, but also offers a second, even darker layout for Gun Master mode, which EA said "plays very differently at night." Night Operations will make a number of changes that aren't specifically related to running around in the dark as well. A new public server team balancer is in the works, as are a number of weapon tweaks and netcode improvements.

A specific launch date hasn't been announced, but EA said more information will be released soon. Until then, you can get a taste of what's in store in the brief playtest footage playing below.

Andy Chalk

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