Battlefield 4 CTE update reveals 'netcode' improvements, Rush tweaks

Last month, DICE launched the Community Test Environment—a beta branch of the game that let Premium players test and give feedback on a variety of (much needed) updates. Soon, it'll be time for those improvements to invade the game proper. DICE recently rounded up some of the changes we can expect, including Rush mode tweaks, balance changes to Dragon's Teeth's Ballistics Shield, and, once again, "improvements to the 'Netcode'".

"Making improvements to the 'Netcode' in Battlefield 4 has been a top priority for us," writes DICE associate producer David Sirland. "Some of the items we've been specifically looking at is how to decrease the feeling of getting killed when behind cover and getting killed without initially seeing a damage indicator." Many of these changes were rolled into the game this month. Next, DICE plan to test "additional fixes", whatever that might mean.

On a more specific note, Rush mode is getting an overhaul. Currently in the CTE, three Rush maps have been changed to make it easier for attackers to reach certain MCOM stations. In addition, the following changes are being trialled:

  • "Commander has been removed by default in Rush

  • "Radar sweep has been reduced around attackers base

  • "Many per map specific changes, MCOM placement and cover passes."

For owners of the Dragon's Teeth DLC, the Ballistic Shield has been nerfed slightly. The shield bash move is being tweaked so as to no longer be a one-hit kill, and the shield will no longer block a tank's armour piercing rounds—thereby bringing the defensive item more in line with reality.

Finally, DICE are testing other general improvements, including HUD tweaks, weapon balance, suppression improvements and vehicle tuning.

Phil Savage

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