Battlefield 4 beta now live for some, live for all this coming Friday

The levolution has begun - well, sort of. The Battlefield 4 beta has just gone live for Battlefield Premium members, pre-orderers, Medal of Honor: Warfighter owners, and anyone who's ever given an EA executive the secret codeword ('legume'). Those lucky few can also access the BF4 part of Battlelog, which is nice. The rest of us will have to wait until Friday - Friday at 1AM PDT/9AM UTC/10AM BST to be exact.

The rollout times come courtesy of Battlelog , which reveals that PC players have had/will get at least an hour's headstart. The beta launch doesn't appear to have gone completely smoothly yet, with Origin's twitter account announcing that "a small number of BF3 Premium players on PC are unable to access the Exclusive [Battlefield 4 beta]. We're on it and will update when resolved."

What does the beta involve, exactly? You'll find the details here , but essentially it lasts until October 15th, giving players access to the Siege of Shanghai map.

(Ta, PCGamesN )

Tom Sykes

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