Battlefield 3's rarest easter egg found over a year after it was first teased

Battlefield 3 and its map packs are littered with hidden (and often dinosaur related ) easter eggs. But one secret, hinted at over a year ago by former DICE voice-over producer Tomas Danko, had, until recently, evaded the game's dedicated community.

The clues related to an audio cue that would play only if an extremely specific set of conditions were met. That included playing as the US faction, being between 110 and 350 meters from a spotter, and under 350 meters from an AA gun being spotted. Add to that a random chance element, and it becomes clear why it proved so elusive. At least, until YouTube presenter JackFrags decided to do some detective work.

I will readily admit that, for something so well hidden it still hasn't been replicated in-game, it's a bit of an anti-climax when you finally hear the line. And that's assuming it hasn't been heard in-game, as I'd imagine the majority of players wouldn't notice the clip being played. Certainly DICE could have buried something a little more distinctive - maybe the team playing the theme to Jurassic Park on kazoo. No-one's going to ignore that.

Thanks, MP1st .

Phil Savage

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