Battlefield 3 video shows deadly high speed anti-gravity smoke grenade glitch

Players are being counter-sniped by impossibly fast anti-gravity smoke grenades in Battlefield 3 at the moment. Redditor Max_Xevious has taken this video of the latest Battlefield 3 bug which causes canisters to fly and fly forever until they hit someone, causing them to die instantly from sheer surprise.

"I don't usually abuse glitches but I can't help myself with this one," writes Xevious. "I'm looking forward to the next few days/weeks once everyone figures it out and entire maps are filled with clouds of smoke."

You know you're having a bad day in Battlefield 3 when you get hit in the face a smoke grenade fired at impossible speeds from two miles away. It may be funny now, but things could quickly start to get out of hand. Hopefully DICE can throw in a quick fix soon.

Tom Senior

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