Battlefield 3 spectator mode and e-sports features teased by latest Battlelog update

Battlefield 3 Happy Dance

The internet detectives over at MP1st have spotted changes to Battlefield 3's Battlelog service that suggest that e-sports matches and spectator modes are on their way. Proper match viewing features could be a big deal for Battlefield 3, as they'd make the game's best moments accessible to commentators, and therefore the wider e-sports audience. There are so many different mechanics in play in a given match that you'd think it'd make for ideal viewing.

As for the evidence itself, first up are the new 'create a match' and 'view matches' options under the 'multiplayer' drop-down, both of which currently lead to a placeholder page. Then there are these commands, dug out of Battlelog's source code by an enterprising user :












The implication is that spectators will soon be allowed in to Battlefield 3 matches, that e-sports games are likely to be called Platoon Battles, and that there will be a beta test of some kind. Alternatively, that DICE are running an incredibly elaborate ARG, nothing is real, and that the world is but the dream of a butterfly. Probably the former, to be honest.

Would you watch livestreamed Battlefield 3 matches, readers? Is your platoon ready for competitive play?

Chris Thursten

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