Battlefield 3 - Mortars to be countered by flying EMP robots

Battlefield 3 - Tehran Highway

If you ask any Battlefield 3 player what the most annoying thing in the game is, they'd say tactical lights , but after that they'd probably say 'bloody mortar spam'. Thankfully MP1st have noted that DICE are looking into a fix. The problem is that mortars can be safely spammed from extremely long distances, with users safe from any reprisal. How could that be dealt with? Designer, Alan Kertz , has been tweeting that they might be using the Recon's flying drone as a counter:

"Seriously considering MAVs as a counter to Mortars. ECM jammers could destroy the Mortar with a few hits. Looking for feedback."

Other issues that DICE are looking into involve players spawning without weapons and the ability to use the IRNV scope while driving vehicles. There's also good news for colour blind gamers, as DICE say they'll be looking into a colour blind mode in future updates.