Battlefield 3 players generate 1 TB of data daily

Battlefield 3

The next time you ram a jeep riddled with C4 explosives into a hulking tank in Battlefield 3, you'll now know you've added a few extra bytes to the colossal 1 TB data-horde EA collects daily from the multiplayer FPS. As VentureBeat reports, the publisher tracks over 50 telemetry events for each player in every match, according to a Morgan Stanley Technology Conference presentation by Chief Technology Officer Rajat Taneja.

Here's what happens in Battlefield 3 during a 15-minute period: 3.9 million grenades get tossed, 648,000 vehicles blow up, and 24 million explosions, well, explode. Such crazy numbers aren't specific to a single platform but rather represent all player activity across consoles and PC. I wonder when EA will start tracking the frequency of players conveniently forgetting to deploy their parachutes before swan-diving onto the concrete, because have I got a boatload of data for it on that front.

This isn't the first bit of EA news from the conference. Earlier today, another executive claimed the company's customers are " enjoying and embracing " microtransactions.

Omri Petitte

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