Battlefield 3: 64 player Caspian Border map open to PC players

[bcvideo id="1205426683001"]

Word from DICE, spotted on Battlelog by Battlefieldo "After analyzing the data from our first round of closed Caspian Border tests, we have great news for participants in the Battlefield 3 PC Open Beta: the DICE team has decided to bring back Caspian Border for the beta's final weekend and conduct an open large scale test of the 64 player Caspian Border map."

Yes! 64 players! Vehicles! This will be a proper taste of the scale of Battlefield 3. It's time to get out of the cramped tunnels of Operation Metro and dive into a jet. Servers have already started appearing. Read on to find out where to find them.

Update: the video above shows our very first moments on the Caspian Border beta. We find a jet! We explode a jet! Sorry to the man who was clearly repairing it when we dived in and nicked it. "LOL THIS IS SO GOOD I AM SHITTING MYSELF" says one player in the middle of the action.

Update 2: We've taken a bit more footage. See it below.

[bcvideo id="1205426703001"]

DICE also drop a handy reminder that Battlefield 3 is still in beta. "Users may experience crashes, network instability and outages as we roll out and configure servers and network utilities. Understand that such potential issues and the testing environment are not reflective or indicative of the final product."

"As we are again specifically testing 64-player server configurations, this test will be for PC only," they add.

It may be laggy. We may fall through the floor, but that won't stop us from jumping into Caspian Border as soon as a server slot opens up. It's hard to get into a game right now, but we can expect to seem more and more servers being added as the day goes on. If you're unfamiliar with Battlelog, head to the multiplayer tab at the top and select server browser. Then check Caspian Border in the server filters to see available games. It looks a bit like this:

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