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Battlefield 1 lets you play as a pigeon

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From tiny guns, to tiny messengers—Battlefield 1's single-player campaign lets you temporarily assume control of a carrier pigeon. 

Captured by YouTube person punish, the following in-game footage depicts a desperate squadron attempting to relay a message to allies on the opposite side of the war zone. They've got their backs to the wall, so they attack their note to a homing pigeon and sent it skyward. The player then becomes said pigeon and is tasked with steering their feathered friend above the chaos towards their comrades' camp.

Against an inspiring orchestral score, it's all pretty beautiful. Look, see:

Interestingly, beyond its fleeting sections of Columbidae companionship, Battlefield 1's single-player mode—which, as opposed to a linear campaign, is comprised of an anthology of 'War Stories'—is looking just as strong as its multiplayer component this time round. 

Phil enjoyed some alone time during his recent hands-on preview, and noted while it "still predominantly feels like a multiplayer game" he's "looking forward to playing the rest of the single-player experiences" the game has to offer. He added: "That's not something I've ever said about a Battlefield game before." 

You'll get the chance to fly the coop yourself when Battlefield 1 lands next week, October 21.