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Battlefield 1 'Incursions' 5v5 mode begins closed alpha testing tomorrow

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Last month, Electronic Arts announced a new 5v5 competitive mode for Battlefield 1 called Incursions, a smaller, more intensely-focused take on the game in which "only the sharpest strategic teams will rise to the top." In a blog post that went up today, DICE producer David Sirland revealed more about what's in store for players in the closed alpha test, which will get underway tomorrow. 

The details are still being hammered out, but vehicles will continue to figure in the new mode, as will "using destruction as a tactic," Sirland said. "Though you’ll experience a more compact scale in the 5-versus-5 matches of the Battlefield 1 Incursions Closed Alpha, it takes place within a bigger theater of war with the aforementioned, iconic gameplay elements in place." 

EA also clearly wants to establish Battlefield 1 as a presence in the pro scene: Sirland said that Incursions matches should be exciting for players and spectators alike, with "top-notch support in place for those casting matches." Closed alpha players will do battle on a "scaled-down" version of the Giant's Shadow map with a Light Tank and Armored Car vehicles, and stats and results from the closed alpha will be shared with the community to enable players and developers to "extend their experiences," he added. "The goal is to fulfill the needs of players, casters, and organizers." 

Unfortunately for anyone who hasn't yet signed up to take part, it's too late now: Registrations closed on August 26. On the upside, Sirland said that "more opportunities to enjoy this competitive experience will come your way" in the future.

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