Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition points sword at November 28 release

Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition snowy slaying

Overhaul Games' revisit to Faerun in Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition took a knockback spell to its planned September launch from the inn it's resting in, but in a tweet sent yesterday, Creative Director Trent Oster said Overhaul expects a November 28 release for all platforms.

"We're busting our butts to make the PC version awesome, and it is, so we're hopeful," he wrote in a separate tweet . "But there is no column for hope in a spreadsheet. I'd rather fill that column with awesome reality."

Alongside a spruced-up Infinity Engine and the inclusion of the Tales of the Sword Coast expansion, BGEE includes mod support, DLC , new characters, a raised level cap, and cross-platform multiplayer . All of that almost fits into an acronym of "BOO." Almost. Not really.

Omri Petitte

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