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Baldur's Gate

A few weeks back, we launched a competition to give away 50 copies of Baldur's Gate on We asked you to create your own magical familiar, a faithful pet with a special ability that could defend you against the Kobolds and Dragons of the Sword Coast. The response was amazing, so amazing that it took us a while to sift through the hundreds and hundreds of entries. We've finally picked our 50 winners, and you'll find them listed below, along with a few of our favourite answers.

Your challenge was this: Invent a faithful familiar you'd take with you on your adventures. To win a copy of Baldur's Gate post your animal's name, what type of creature it is and one special ability. Over 600 people entered, resulting in an epic, surreal and hilarious comment thread. Thanks to all who entered, and congratulations to the winners, who are listed below.

praXis, Byeohazard, BachelorFrog, Quasar, Terraval, Aviadmd, puxili, LostVector, Thoren, Stiler, agent47, RipperXT, Spiffed, Frozenbyte, theboosh, JD-Smith, Nuclear Grandad, Shatpanski, thehiggins. Poppy Appletree, Optimaximal, Dr.Noobfragger, matarek, sbenrap, Jorpho, Archimedes, TheTallMan, TheDeathWalrus, DotCom616, AmAvocet, vocap, GorgorothX, Redeye, metalman, chemicalfire, ARTHURIUSS, Farley2025, Sahashy, DarthBill52, pireninjacolass, tttttt, gellioho, DispleasedEskimo, deshadow52, manani, desmondhume, J T, reeper4444, Spatula and Ravenger.

You are winners! Your code should be waiting for you as a private message; just login to, check your messages, and follow the instructions to redeem the game on GOG . Alternatively, proceed below Minsc's proud gaze and you shall find a few of our favourite entries.

agent47 : "a vampire squid named marmalade who uses magical dorsal lasers to crush all opposition (except laser based opposition), also makes a mean welsh rarebit."

Frozenbyte: "Name: Dave, Creature type: Ostrich, Special ability: Buries head in sand when in danger. This allows him to talk directly with the 9 devil lords of Baator who will assist out of sheer fear."

Dr.Noobfragger: "Lulu started life as average amoeba. Nearly. She had such a voratious appetite, and now sits at 1.3 pounds (0.59 kilos) and still growing. Lulu is a very faithful companion for as long as a constant stream of food is provided. Her massive size has also granted Lulu the uncanny abillity to change colors, and when combined with her amorphic body, paves the way for her favorite hobby: photorealistic impressions. Lamp shades and toasters are her favorite, but has been known to shape herself as anything from a venetian rug to a treasure chest, and even a goldfish in a goldfish bowl."

TheTallMan: "Minsk The Russian Hamster. Minsk was a promising Humanist hamster scientist. His lectures and theories on humans and the application of human control were applauded amongst the rodent community. Until one fatfeful day when his eager but simple lab assistant Boo stole his work and fame, by claiming it to be his own. Boo used the work to ensnare his own pet, a human barbarian. Renaming himself the Space Hamster and Lord of Rodent Awesome. Boo put the final nail in poor Minsk's coffin by naming his human Minsc. On a road of furry revenge Minsk and his own human pet are now on a path that can only end in the most climatic but cute battle the world has ever known.

"Ability: Using his brilliant mind Minsk has honed his brain to the point where he can blow things up with his mind, screaming his nemisis name in fury. So epic is his warcry that some humans have even been recorded as saying ” Aww he squeaked”. Oh and he has a jetpack."

metalman: "Alan the slightly racist badger. Special ability: every time he has a drink starts talking about “them imigrents” the enemies would then make polite excuses and go home."

manani: "Edwina, the psychotic carrot. Her special move is the ability to get stuck inside enemies throat to choke them."

Spatula: "Presenting Clive, the sarcastic parrot. Special abilities- being slightly heavier once dead."

desmondhume: "Name: Robert. Species: Intoxicated Walrus. Abilities: Uses a skill which allows him to show off his singing abilities with a drunken rendition of Rocket Man."

Thanks again for all your terrific entries, and stay tuned for more PC Gamer giveaways in the future!

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