Automachef, the game about churning out automated meals, is out today

(Image credit: Team17)

Food prepared by robotic arm and conveyor belt may lack the warmth of grandma's goulash, but at least it's convenient. In Automachef, you're tasked with slotting automation equipment together in order to streamline the creation of *Italian gesture of blissful approval* automated cuisine.

It sounds like a more cerebral version of Overcooked, but it's actually a very elegant looking puzzle game for fans of Factorio and Satisfactory, among others. There's a campaign mode, as well as a contracts mode which tasks you with fulfilling the desires of various (made up) businesses. But the sandbox test mode sounds like the most fun: what's the most diabolically complex route towards mass producing the humble hot dog?

Automachef is out today, with a ten percent discount for early adopters, and it looks like mod support is coming post-launch, too. Check out the launch trailer below:

Shaun Prescott

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