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World of Warcraft Classic is getting one more test before launch

(Image credit: Blizzard)

World of Warcraft Classic is set to fling players back in time, to when WoW was just a wee baby MMO at the start of its long journey, later this month. Before that, however, there's one last test to make sure everything is running smoothly. 

The pre-launch test will start tomorrow, August 8, at 7 pm BST/11 am PT and will run until Friday. Blizzard will only be actively monitoring the test for the first two hours, however, so it wants as many players to jump in as possible right at the start. 

If you haven't already, you can download Classic from and connect it to your WoW account. When Classic launches, there won't be any additional requirements. As long as you're a subscriber, you'll get access to the old version of WoW. 

I was surprised how much I enjoyed my return to the WoW that was. I've been playing off and on since launch and have many fond memories of vanilla, but I also reckon just about every aspect of the game has been vastly improved by expansions and updates. I was expecting to miss a lot. I did, but I also revelled in the slower pace, the riskier combat and how, despite exploring this world for over a decade, I was still able to get lost. 

Check out my World of Warcraft Classic preview and interview with the devs. I managed to achieve very little, but I had a lovely time doing it.  

If you miss the test, don't worry. World of Warcraft Classic due out on August 27. 

Fraser Brown
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