Witcher devs tease new project with cyberpunk artwork

CD Projekt cyber punk close up

CD Projekt RED were spotted looking for new recruits to work on an " entirely new and different" RPG recently. A list of job roles next to an icon of a gun was all we had to go on, until now. Blue's News have a teaser image trailing a big reveal at CD Projekt RED's summer conference tomorrow. It will be live streamed on CD Projekt's Facebook page and The Witcher site at 5pm GMT / 10am PST / 1pm EST.

The teaser image has a powerful whiff of William Gibson to it. There's a backdrop of neon billboards, a mohican, a leather jacket, a futuristic handgun and a handy piece of skull-tech. Nothing says 'streetwise dystopian future' like a punk with a heads up display. Take a look.

A futuristic RPG from the developers of The Witcher and The Witcher 2, now wouldn't that be a fine thing?

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