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WIN one of 100 Tribes: Ascend closed beta keys!


Shaz-to-the-bot. That's the proper response when you've just been admitted to the highly-anticipated Tribes: Ascend beta from Hi-Rez Studios. We're giving away a whopping 100 keys to our lucky fans so you can get the jump on the competition and find the best flag-snatching routes and sniping spots in the premier jetpack FPS. Want to know how to win early-access to the Spinfusor battleground of your dreams? You're only a click away.

How to (maybe) win:

We'll randomly select 100 lucky winners (from anywhere in the world—the beta keys aren't region-locked) to join us in the Tribes beta, so we can collectively weep glorious nostalgia-tears while mid-air fragging left and right. We'll be picking and notifying the new recruits this Friday, October 28, so get to it! Those blue plasma-discs won't launch themselves, you know.

*May not contain actual wonder. There is a sharp Tribes: Ascend GameView of the map Drydock that you can explore, though.

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