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Wasteland 3 rewards you for killing the Patriarch early, but you need to cheat

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Wasteland 3 is an excellent role-playing game with a very long leash when it comes to player agency, but there are limits imposed by how tough your squad is. For example: about half-hour into the game, when you first encounter Colorado ruler The Patriarch, you might be tempted to kill him, just to see if it's possible. The Patriarch factors pretty heavily into the narrative, and he's the one who dishes out the major story quests that gets Wasteland 3's ball rolling. 

But, uh, why not kill him anyway? Why not indeed. For one: your tiny squad at the beginning of the game will not stand a fighting chance against him and his mates. Secondly: it'd probably break the game. Thirdly, and related to the first point: it's impossible unless you're cheating.

But what if you cheat and kill The Patriarch the moment you meet him? This happens:

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That's pretty cool! When an RPG has factored in a player action that can only be achieved via cheating, that shows dedication on studio inXile's part.

At least one person online has found it. Nick Mccormick (aka @FartyMcButtToot) tweeted the official Wasteland account a couple of days ago with his findings, and also revealed how it was achieved:

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Wasteland 3 released last week and it's well worth a look. Our Jody wrote in his review: "A wilfully strange setting explored through a predictable but enjoyable old school RPG that's been streamlined just enough." If you're after some legitimate advice, here are ten things you should know before you play Wasteland 3.

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