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Wargame: Red Dragon details the tactics of its Asian invasion

Oh dear, Wargame: Red Dragon will soon be upon us. Technically, this is good news, because it's the sequel to the previous, well received Wargame AirLand Battle. Personally, though, it's a reminder of my complete failure to play AirLand Battle, which remains in my growing pile of strategy shame. I look forward to finally tackling Red Dragon - which will move the Cold War action to Asia - when I finally catch up with that list sometime in 2026. For everyone else, your enjoyment of this new trailer can be much more immediate.

The RTS sequel will bring an improved dynamic... hold on. Did the trailer's generic announcement man just say "steelth" instead of "stealth". That's weird.

Anyway, the RTS sequel will bring an improved dynamic campaign system, new warships and other naval units, and a bunch more satisfying strategic deck building and unit management. It's due out in the second quarter of the year.

Phil Savage
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