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Total War Saga is heading to Troy, according to a trademark application

(Image credit: Sega)

Creative Assembly is gearing up for another Total War Saga, by the looks of things, and this time we'll be joining the Greeks and Trojans as they beat each other up over Helen. Total War's heading to Troy. 

A trademark application filed in July and published in August (cheers, Reddit) gave the game away, though neither Creative Assembly or publisher Sega have announced the latest Saga. 

If you're not au fait, Total War Sagas focus on specific conflicts and smaller time-frames than the main series, with the first taking us to the the British Isles during the era of Alfred the Great. Thrones of Britannia made some bold changes, but AI issues and a boring end-game made it hard to recommend over Warhammer 2 and, now, Three Kingdoms. 

Creative Assembly said a new Saga was in development back in March, so we've been expecting its appearance. The mythological setting might come as a bit of a surprise, though. Warhammer aside, it's a historical series, but what we know about the Trojan War largely comes from Homer's epic poem, The Iliad, full of larger than life heroes and meddling gods. 

In a post-Three Kingdoms series, however, it makes a lot more sense. Its Romance mode similarly took liberties with history, turning its warlords into superhuman warriors. Like The Iliad, Romance of the Three Kingdoms injects legends and myths into its narrative, giving Creative Assembly an opportunity to merge history and fantasy. 

Three Kingdoms' hero system seems like a perfect fit for the Trojan War, where heroes like Achilles and Ajax led Greek soldiers in their war with the Trojans. They all possess superhuman qualities and divine legacies, making them pretty handy in a fight. Just remember to give Achilles some thick boots. 

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