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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim player poll puts character creator to the test

Skyrim - Nord fella

All of the Skyrim videos, trailers and posters we've seen so far have featured the same hulking Nord bloke, but when the game is released we'll be able to pick and choose from a selection of races and classes. Bethesda post to say they're going to release a new screenshot of one of those classes later this week to show what the new character creator is capable of. The fun part? We get to vote on the screenshot that gets revealed.

There are a couple of polls running right now on the Skyrim Facebook page . There's a poll to let you vote on the race of the character, and another to decide the class. The dark elf thief is currently in the lead. It's not a bad choice, just a wrong choice. The correct choice, of course, is Khajiit mage, which is essentially a giant cat wearing a dress. Come on people, let's make it happen.

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