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The Council episode 4 arrives next week

‘Burning Bridges’ is the fourth—and penultimate—episode of The Council, and is set for release on September 25.

This fourth episode of Big Bad Wolf and Focus Home Interactive’s narrative adventure will see “allegiances explained” and “rivalries come to a head”, as the story unfolds for the inhabitants of the island. 

Set in the 18th century, The Council focuses on you, Louis, and your part in the dealings of a secret society. A whole bunch of political maneuvering as members try to outdo each other, means that the RPG-like character classes and skill trees really come into their own.

The game has so far succeeded in giving players “meaningful choices with impactful consequences”—something that seems sure to continue in this episode.

You can check out three new screenshots below, showing Louis as he ventures into the catacombs beneath Mortimer’s island.