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Son of Nor adds mind control to its magical arsenal, with the Emotiv EPOC brain interface

Son of Nor Emotiv

Dammit! Inspired by the latest update for Kickstarter project Son of Nor , I thought I'd try and write this news story entirely with my mind . Instead, after long minutes of intense concentration, I woke bleeding onto my keyboard, incomprehensible gibberish filling the screen. Perhaps I'd have better off with an Emotiv EPOC , the brain computer interface that can imbue the third-person action adventure with telepathic properties.

The video shows Son of Nor lead developer Julian Mautner control the game's magic using nothing but his mind rays. Then doing it again, this time trying really hard to stop his hands from making dramatic gestures.

The game is currently a third of the way to its £150,000 Kickstarter goal, with 16 days remaining. The creators have now added an "Immersive" tier, which, for $300, comes bundled with the Emotiv device. To see Son of Nor from a more traditional perspective, see our video round-up of the game's co-op and magic systems here .

Wait, I just realised! My fingers are controlled by my mind. Take that fancy technology, I win after all!

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