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Satellite Reign teaser promises spiritual successor to "Bullfrog masterpiece"

Not Syndicate thumb

Static distortion, a night-time cityscape, the briefly appearing words "obey" and "submit". 5 Lives Studios, the people behind this video teaser for an upcoming Bullfrog-inspired Kickstarter, aren't exactly being subtle about the Syndicate connection. But let's play along and see if we can't break through their oh-so-cryptic clues...

  • In 1996 (the year that Syndicate Wars was released)

  • This man (blurry photo of a person that RPS notes is likely Mike Diskett - lead designer of Syndicate Wars, and a man who totally posted this teaser on his Google Plus account )

  • Created a Bullfrog masterpiece...

Oh, so it's Theme Hospital?

We'll know for sure come June 26th, when the countdown on the Syndicate Satellite Reign teaser site ends and, presumably, the Kickstarter launches.

Phil Savage
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