PUBG's latest update finally adds a ranking system to the game


PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds will soon be getting a ranking system with Update #22. The system is currently on the Test Servers and is hoped to go live in early October.

There will be eight ranks which will be assigned based on Rank Points earned and you'll need to play ten provisional matches to earn your first rank. You can check out the chart below for details on the rankings.

Other updates will include the return of map selection, allowing you to choose which maps you'd like to play on, as well as a "Skin Trade Up System" which gives you the option to "trade up multiple same-tier items and BP into one next-tier skin item."

Various other updates and fixes will be added, thanks, in part to the launch of FIX PUBG, a website dedicated to, well, fixing PUBG. These additions include wheel menus, higher mini-map magnification, and improved Friend UI. A number of bug fixes will also be implemented that deal with some character movement issues, invisible weapons, 

You can read the full patch notes here.