PUBG's latest anti-cheat update has been rolled back

PUBG Corp has changed direction on the latest anti-cheat update to Playerunknown's Battlegrounds, which was causing all sorts of performance problems and random crashes. The studio said over the weekend that it would not roll back the patch, "in order to keep blocking cheats effectively," but apparently the situation was worse than it first expect, because it's since had a change of mind.   

The PUBG Help account also warned that there will be a three-hour maintenance period tonight in which the build that hit the test servers last week is moved onto live servers. It promises a number of performance optimizations, bug fixes, a PUBG friends list, and main menu voice chat. The "penetration system" that will enable bullets to pass through limbs and strike more vulnerable parts of the body—no more sacrificing your hand to protect your head—has been pushed back, however, and no longer has a set rollout date.

The full patch notes, followed by a 602-page (so far) comment thread demanding that China be region-locked, is up on Steam.