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Planet Zoo will have aardvarks

The latest Planet Zoo video discusses the importance of creativity and simulation in Frontier's forthcoming game, and their role in informing features like the ability animals have to climb player-made structures. But fast-forward to 3.16 in that video and you'll see something else pretty neat: Aardvarks.

We know that Planet Zoo is going to feature a wide array of creatures from Brazilian wandering spiders to reticulated giraffes, but aardvarks are a new one for the list. The adorable burrowing mammals are shown in the video to demonstrate how players will need to create habitats that suit specific animals in their zoos, with walls that can be heavy-duty brick or one-way glass, and enrichment items like feeders that make animals work for their meals to prevent boredom.

It all sounds pretty neat, and in-tune with the way modern zoos work. Planet Zoo will be out November 5 on Steam.

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