OpenXcom v1.0 released, offers open source alien attacks

OpenXCom has taken its time. When we last posted about it—for its 0.9 release —it had been in the works for four years. That was over a year ago, meaning that this new v1.0 release has taken... well, you should be able to do the maths. It's an open-source clone of the original XCOM: UFO Defense / UFO: Enemy Unknown, and lets you play Microprose's original, brutal tactical strategy in an easier-to-use engine.

Importantly, OpenXcom is the same game, with the same difficulty in place. But, in addition to that, it offers a slightly more customisable experience, provides a series of bug-fixes and, most significantly, a nice new wrapper that isn't designed for twenty-year-old operating systems.

As its so unapologetically the exact same game, you will need a vanilla version of the original. You can grab a digital copy from Steam , or, alternatively, you can order a copy from the secret global black market for just two Sectoid corpses.