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Nvidia is finally selling its cards direct to Australians

Nvidia has just rolled out an Australian online store, marking the first time customers down under can buy direct from the company. To mark the occasion only two cards are available, but one of those is the Titan XP – previously only available as an import and scarcely (or never) stocked by local vendors.

The Titan XP will set you back AU$1,950, with free expedited priority shipping in Australia. The other card available, the 1080 Ti, is $1,129 with free shipping. These prices compare quite favourably to those offered by local vendors once shipping costs are applied to the latter, but you can size up Nvidia's own prices with those of vendors over on our sister site Getprice.

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According to the press release I received, the Titan XP will be available in a "limited quantity". Read into that what you will.

While it's nice for Australians to buy these cards direct for quite reasonable prices, the real talking point is whether this marks a shift in Nvidia's approach to the region. Take for instance the Nvidia Shield – long a no show in the country. Could the company start selling these direct? 

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