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Next Car Game's "car damage fun" video is correctly named

Do you want to see a car drive into a clutch of rotating grinders and then see it vomited out the other side in a flurry of shrapnel and screams? Of course you do! Bugbear Entertainment's next car game, Next Car Game, has a very nice damage modelling system so they've tortured a car over and over again to show it off in their "car damage fun" video. It won't seem so fun when that car's children find out what happened and start an epic quest for vengeance in Next Car Game 2: Car Harder.

On the track the violence will come from other players and AI cars rather than cruelly placed, bladed obstacles. It's being made by the team that worked on the FlatOut series, so expect bolshy arcade racing and shots of cars spinning through the air going "whumwhumwhumwhum" like they do in the movies. For more pictures and videos over on Next Car Game's Greenlight page . Bugbear are also taking pre-orders for an early access build over on the Next Car Game website . Get your slow-mo car mangling fix below.

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