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Mass Effect 3 launches Operation: Lodestone, their longest multiplayer event

I've been consistently impressed by both the quality and support given to Mass Effect 3's co-op multiplayer. What could have been a throwaway exercise in back-of-the-box feature ticking, instead proved to be an enjoyable Horde mode variant that's not only received plenty of free DLC updates, but also weekly events to give players some extra variety. This weekend's event is called Operation: Lodestone, and it started last night. That's a pretty loose definition of "weekend", by anyone's standards.

"We are coordinating the largest-scale attack in the brief history of this war," reads the event description . "N7 unit actions will pave the way for resistance and conventional forces trying to retake the population centers of our homeworlds. There is no retreat. When an objective is finished or a target destroyed, you will immediately focus on the next."

Despite the descriptions urgent tone, it's not the most inventive of event ideas. The first-tier bonus will be given out simply for participating at some point in the next five days. The real challenge is extracting against all four of the mode's enemy types, with a second tier award for Silver difficulty completion and a third for Platinum. Each completed tier awards a Commendation Pack, with second tier also providing a banner.

Operation: Lodestone ends March 10. Anyone planning to join the war effort?

Phil Savage
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