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Unofficial Mass Effect design compo inspires impressive entries: Volus Chef, Elcor tank

Expert artists and modelers have been creating new characters for the Mass Effect universe as part of an ongoing competition on CGHub , Kotaku report. It's not associated with Bioware, so there's little chance they'll appear in an upcoming Mass Effect game, but that's hardly dented the enthusiasm of the entrants.

I'll kick off with Mosena's portrayal of Thane's too-cool-for-school grandson, locked into a wearable version of KITT from Knight Rider, except a thousand times cooler than I've made that sound, though an assassin that squabbles over morality with the AI in his armour could be an entertaining set-up for an emotionally stunted killer. See pictures of some of our favourite entries below.

by Mosena .

by GD6 .

By OnTheToast .

by Danitchu

By Guedin .

By Mhattaran .

By Baka-neko .

By Threesquid .

By NikitaNV .

By Massacre .

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