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Kerbal Space Program chronicle, part four — the Kerbal has landed

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Time has passed, but our trajectory is still good. Without wasting another second, I burn the engines and reach the speed necessary to meet the Mün in orbit. With that done, Sonford performs another spacewalk to reenter the main capsule. Crisis averted. Phew.

Hours later, Kerbal 11 is on course to swing past the Mün and fly into oblivion. I point the engines against my path and burn until I've slowed down enough for the Mün to grab hold.

Kerbal 11 orbits a few times, taking in the view. Soon, it's time for the big landing. Bob and Sonford each perform spacewalks to move over to the lander capsule, leaving Newfry alone in orbit. If things go wrong, he's been trained to fly back to Kerbin alone. We all hope it doesn't come to that.

Bob and Sonford undock from Kerbal 11 and push to a safe distance. As the small craft circles around to the sunny side of the Mün, they point against orbit, fire on the small radial engines, and start to slow down.

Their speed drops and drops until it reaches zero and slowly, almost peacefully, they begin to drop straight down like a rock. Pointing the engines down, I give it a tiny bit of gas, just enough to keep the freefall from becoming a plummet.