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Kerbal Space Program chronicle, part four — the Kerbal has landed

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It's reckless and crazy, but that's just how we roll in Kerbal Space Program. Flight plans for a meeting with CMSS are scrapped since we don't need supplies. I plan a maneuver module to head straight for the Mün. We line it up and start burning.

The excess fuel runs out on the way, as planned. I just switch to the transport rocket...


Oh, son of a Kerbal.

I forgot that I was supposed to rearrange the lander at CMSS, and now my main engine is blocked by the lander! Mission control goes into a huddle again.

We come up with only one solution: it's spacewalk time. I separate the stages to detach the useless rocket and call up Sonford Kerman because he's the most disposable courageous astronaut I have. He climbs out of the main capsule and pushes off.

He drifts slowly down the length of the ship until he reaches the crew hatch on the lander. He reaches out, grabs a ladder rung and climbs in. Sonford undocks the lander from Kerbal 11, and Bob and Newfry push away and start to spin it around. They turn and jet back toward the lander to safely reattach. With the Münshot rocket now unblocked, I ditch the protective casing and point back at the Mün.