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Irrational opens fan voting for BioShock Infinite reversible cover box art

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Booker DeWitt's stony mug and Wild Wild West getup on BioShock Infinite's recently revealed box art didn't go over too well (opens in new tab) among some fans, with Creative Director Ken Levine chalking up the action-movie-like design as a hook for non-enthusiasts. To smooth things over, Levine posted a blog entry today offering six alternative designs (opens in new tab) to vote on for a reversible box cover.

Voting closes December 19, but Levine said plans are in the works for far more additional cover designs to freely print out and replace the displeasing DeWitt. The covers are listed below in the same order as on Irrational's blog.

Design #4 currently holds a 40 percent lead among votes, followed by design #6 at 30 percent and design #5 at 13 percent. I'll agree with the masses here and pull my clockwork, bronze-tipped voting lever for design #4—the stenciled style perfectly captures early 20th century advertisement signs and posters. Design #6 gets my runner-up, as the simple background neatly belies the Beauty-and-the-Beast juxtaposition in the foreground.

Cast your choice on Irrational's blog (opens in new tab) , and while you're at it, read up on some of the things we enjoyed (opens in new tab) and didn't enjoy (opens in new tab) during some recent hands-on time.


BioShock Infinite cover design 1

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BioShock Infinite cover design 2

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BioShock Infinite cover design 3

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BioShock Infinite cover design 4

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BioShock Infinite cover design 5

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BioShock Infinite cover design 6

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