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Immortals Fenyx Rising 'The Lost Gods' DLC is basically a different game

immortals fenyx rising upgrades
(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Immortals Fenyx Rising gets its final story DLC this week and it sounds like more than just a content dump. Judging by Ubisoft's description, 'The Lost Gods' will share more in common with Diablo or Hades than, say, Zelda: Breath of the Wild, with a new "god's eye" top down perspective and a "brawler-inspired" combat system.

It'll also introduce a new protagonist Ash. Her mission "is to travel to a new land, the Pyrite Island, to find and reunite the gods who left Olympos in a huff after a falling-out with Zeus. These 'lost gods,' including Poseidon and Hades, will all need to be convinced to return to the Pantheon and restore balance to the world." 

More info is coming ahead of the expansion's April 22 release date, but if you're especially keen, there's a primer quest already available in the current game's Golden Isle area. This offers "a preview of the challenges to come" and you'll also get some rewards which can be used in the DLC, so it might be worth checking out.

DLC or not, Immortals isn't the worst way to while away the time—especially if you can't be bothered emulating Nintendo games. In his review, Andy wrote that it's a "vibrant open world game with a great sense of humour."

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