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Humble Weekly Bundle collects seven beautiful games

Mind Path to Thalamus

Congratulations on surviving the Steam Winter Sale! (Alternatively: my commiserations on your wounded bank balance, but at least you have a load of new games to play.) If you thought that might be it for cheap PC games until Valve's annual Spring shindig, then boy were you wrong: here were are, just two days later, and Humble have come up trumps again. Their latest Weekly Bundle is all about 'eye candy' games, and to that end they've collected the scrumptious Year Walk, the lovely Lovely Planet, and handsome handmade shmup The Blue Flamingo, with Dust, Mind: Path to Thalamus, and poetic survival game Eidolon thrown in too if you choose to beat the average. Finally, a payment of $10 will secure a copy of musical puzzler FRACT OSC.

We don't have reviews of all these games up on the site, but if you're wondering what we thought of Lovely Planet, Dust or FRACT OSC, we were pleased, slightly more pleased, and a bit *does wavey hand motion* with them respectively. In a stroke of good fortune, I didn't own any of those games before purchasing this bundle, and I'm particularly looking forward to giving Eidolon a try. How about you?