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Humble Bundle is introducing regional pricing for its bundles

Humble Bundle
(Image credit: Humble Bundle)

Humble Bundle has announced that it's introducing regional pricing for its bundles. Previously, the store's Humble Bundles have been in US Dollars, but with the introduction of regional pricing the company hope to make its whole store more "consistent."

In the blog post, Humble says that the store, its bundles, and Humble Choice will all have regional pricing and will support EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD, NZD, TRY, RUB, and PHP. There are still some bundles listed in USD on its website, but future bundles will have regional pricing. 

When asked on Twitter about the conversion rates between regions, Humble explained that the conversion between regional prices will be based on exchange rates. More information about the regional pricing can be found on their official support page.   

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 A few highlights from the support page are that Humble will bill you based on your region and that this cannot be manually selected. Users who have a Classic account will be unaffected for regional price changes and will still remain as $12USD plus taxes. The storefront will be looking to introduce more currencies in the future.