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Homeworld Remastered 2.0 patch is coming next week

Gearbox has announced that the big Homeworld: Remastered patch we learned about last month, which will bring both games in the package to version 2.0, will be out on June 7. Patch notes haven't been released, but Gearbox programmer Dave E. said in a message posted on the Gearbox forums that the new systems and tools should enable mod makers to “do some really exciting stuff.”   

“I equally hope that Mod authors see value in taking time to refine their gameplay and design decisions with respect to what we've added/changed,” he wrote. “'Old' choices run the very large risk of making no sense given the way systems in this patch interoperate. A major gameplay Mod that ends up in the public hands before... I dunno, August? Is probably rushed and an unbalanced mess; or just loaded with edge-cases and exploits. That, or many features have been gutted and systems neutered to reduce the complexity of their workload.” 

Fists of Heaven posted a good breakdown of what the patch will change, and as befits its 2.0 designation, the list is significant. Highlights include reworked formations that will more intelligently handle mixes of different ship types, an overhaul of projectile-based weaponry, improved targeting and tactics, and various bug fixes, tweaks, and balance changes. If and when Gearbox does release a full changelog, we'll toss it up here for your viewing pleasure. In the meantime, here are a few screens to remind you that the majestic void of space is a beautiful and terrifying thing.

Andy Chalk
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