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Here's two new Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 trailers ahead of this week's launch

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 releases on Friday, marking the first instalment that will lack the usual setpiece-laden singleplayer campaign. Still, there's a battle royale mode in the form of Blackout, as well as the now routine Zombies cooperative package. Both are featured in two new trailers for the shooter.

The Blood of the Dead trailer features some nice panning shots of the decrepit hellscapes you'll be exploring in your efforts to slay as many zombies as possible. It also features some very dramatic and emotional music, which is par for the course for big budget action shooter trailers.

The second is a rundown of what you'll be doing in the Blackout battle royale mode: you'll be commandeering all manner of vehicles, shooting other players, and unlocking iconic characters. There's less that's new here: we've played Blackout and quite liked it.

Andy published the Black Ops 4 system requirements earlier today. The game launches October 12 in most parts of the world, or October 11 if you're in Los Angeles. All the launch times are here.

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