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Guild Wars 2 gets its first raid next week

Gw2 Raid

Guild Wars 2 has been out for three years now, but it's only now getting its first raid. Dubbed 'Spirit Vale', the ten-player instanced raid will kick off next week for all owners of the Heart of Thorns expansion. The raid will roll out in three parts – or "wings" – with the first starting on November 17.

"A Pact squad has gone missing in northern Maguuma, and you and your allies are their only hope for recovery," so says the Guild Wars 2 website. "But the deadly forest isn’t the only risk to the rescue operation—the area holds dark secrets and strange magic."

Andy Chalk went into a bit of detail on how the raid's will work when they were announced earlier this year, but why the wait? The raids will lean heavily on the newly introduced Mastery progression system, to an extent that it would have been silly to release Spirit Vale at the same time as the Heart of Thorns expansion last month.

"Because of the usefulness of Masteries within Raids, we want players to have time to be free to power up their characters," the studio wrote. "We want you guys to be able to enjoy playing the expansion without rushing to max out every Mastery in order to prepare for Raids."

Shaun Prescott
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