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Frostpunk's first expansion and season pass are out today

Frostpunk, the best sim of 2018, is beckoning survivors back to the frosty wasteland. The unrelentingly gloomy management game's first expansion is out today, along with a season pass that will net players another pair of expansions further down the line. 

The first expansion, The Rifts, introduces a new map for Endless mode that will challenge you to build in a city in a really dumb place. The little land you've got to build on is separated by massive chasms, so you'll need to plonk down bridges and figure out how to keep a scattered city warm. 

I had a hard enough time keeping a decent number of people alive when I had plenty of real estate. By the end everyone was dropping by flies and I was only really saved by the bell, so this might be a challenge too far for me. 

The Rifts is available today for £3.99/$4.99 on Steam, and it's also included in the season pass. Two more expansions are set to appear, starting later this year with The Last Autumn, introducing a new scenario, mechanics and architecture. That'll be followed next year by Project TVADGYCGJR. The title is a code waiting to be cracked, apparently, but we'll also find out more when The Last Autumn launches. 

A free update will throw a trio of maps into Endless mode, based on the Arks, Refugees and Fall of Winterhome scenarios. All Frostpunk players will be able to take them for a spin. It's also received quite a few big updates since launch, so if you've not frozen your arse off for a year, you'll have several new modes and scenarios to play. 

Fraser Brown
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