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Free Amid Evil DLC shows how the retro shooter used to look

(Image credit: New Blood)

Amid Evil is one of the best of the recent crop of retro shooters, with its pseudo-Heretic style and a magic staff that shoots planets. It came a long way over the course of its development, and now you can experience that journey with a free expansion called Ancient Alphas.

The Ancient Alphas DLC lets you play through areas that didn't make it into the finished game, try a very different version of the room-clearing Aeturnum BFG, explore alternate visions of some levels, and experience the full journey Amid Evil took to its final release.

Amid Evil's journey isn't over, however. Developers Indefatigable shared a single screenshot of how their game will look with ray-tracing enabled, and like Minecraft before it the difference is actually noteworthy. As for when we'll be able to play Amid Evil in RTX, all they're saying is "SOON".

(Image credit: New Blood)
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