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Floating Point is a free game by Gunpoint creator Tom Francis, out now on Steam

Gunpoint creator and PC Gamer alumnus Tom Francis has made a new game. It's called Floating Point, and its about using wire to swing across randomly generated floating platforms. Tom is a man that likes grappling hooks, and so it seems that, with this game, he's finally making up for a major Gunpoint bug that caused it to not have any of them. The game will release, for free, on Steam later today RIGHT NOW!

"The only objective is to collect points," writes Tom, "and the only thing that increases your points is swinging swiftly, smoothly and elegantly without hitting anything. As you pick up momentum, you start to glow, the bars you're collecting rise up, the music kicks in, and your trajectory burns a bright red line in the air, drawing huge, beautiful mathematical curves of your arcing flight."

Floating Point was originally designed for the latest Ludum Dare, and its "Beneath The Surface" theme, but drifted away from its weekend deadline. Tom's also working on Heat Signature , a game about randomly generated spaceships.

We still hear from Tom occasionally. That's because, before he left, he rewired our light system so that, whenever we turn one on, it plays an audio file that says "so long, jerks". It's getting a bit disheartening, to be honest, but the electricians can't work out how he did it.

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