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Explore Deus Ex: Human Revolution's augmentations with Sarif Industries site

Deus Ex human Revolution eyeball

Sarif Industries is one of the main manufacturers of cybernetic augmentations in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Now there's a Sarif Industries website that you can visit to learn more about the augmentations and upgrades that will be available in Deus Ex' dark vision of the future.

You'll find the new site at Sarif . The slide out panel on the left will let you explore a few of the augmentations Sarif Industries sell, like improved sight and strength. A few of the entries are locked off for now, but it's likely that more will be revealed as we get closer to Deus Ex: Human Revolution's release early next year.

The site also features a hacking minigame very similar to that shown in the last Deus Ex: Human Revolution trailer . Completing it successfully reveals a few more screens detailing the tech behind Adam's scary wristblades.

For more Deus Ex info you can read our analysis of what Deus Ex: Human Revolution's 21 augs could be, check out the latest trailer , or head over to the Human Revolution website.

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