Endless Legend: Shadows expansion announced


Amplitude has announced Endless Legend's second DLC pack, called Shadows. It adds a new faction—The Forgotten—who are billed as masters of espionage. As such, the expansion will let you steal, capture, sabotage, assassinate, and just generally be a right bastard to rival empires.

Here's a brief trailer introducing Shadow's faction:

And here's the feature list:

  • Play the brand new faction, the Forgotten, experts in the new espionage skills.
  • Play with invisible units using the new “Camouflage” and “Stealth” capacities.
  • Infiltrate an empire to steal, capture, sabotage and assassinate!
  • Pillage villages, extractors and watchtowers to slow your enemy’s progression.
  • Equip your heroes with “Insignia” accessories to give them special espionage abilities.
  • Defend yourself by using counterespionage skills and the new “Detection” capacity.

Endless Legend: Shadows is due out this Summer.