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Diablo 3's next season will add buffs for players from level 1

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Season 18 is coming to Diablo 3 on August 23, and while some of the previous seasons have been more about the endgame, this one will add buffs players have access to right from the beginning. 

The Power of the Triune will be adding random summon circles to battlefields that can provide one of three different buffs. The Triune of Love adds a 100% damage bonus, the Triune of Determination gives a 50% discount on resource costs, and the Triune of Determination increases the rate skills come off cooldown. Of course, you have to be standing in the circle to receive these benefits.

As with Season 17, older seasonal rewards are being made available again to players who missed them the first time—rewards from Season 6 will be earnable alongside the new ones. For full details of those, and the latest patch notes, check out Blizzard's blog post. Like the previous seasons, it'll be live for roughly three months.

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