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Diablo 3 patch rebalances classes, makes Obelisks less clickable

Diablo 3 is a game about clicking. If you see a place you want to go, you click. If you see an NPC you want to talk to, you click. If you see a goblin you want to incinerate with a cacophony of arcane effects, you click. With so much clicking, it'd be understandable if your frenzied fingers accidentally activated an unintended object. And if that object were a Nephalem Rift Obelisk, you'd waste some precious Keystone Fragments.

It's a nightmare scenario mild inconvenience that no longer applies, thanks to the new 2.0.4 patch. It's a mighty update, that not only relocates the obelisks to a less mouse-attracting area, but also significantly rebalances every class.*

*Except the monk.

In the full patch's changelist, Blizzard not only reveal what they've done, but explain why they're tinkering with the class balance. For the Barbarian's Fury generation, for instance, the devs found that "the single-target options don't feel meaty compared to the generators that can hit more than one target at a time." The rebalances are designed to achieve parity across the range of possibilities, ensuring that however you decide to click, you're rewarded for doing so.

The patch also tweaks Adventure Mode, crafting, and fixes some quest bugs. You can see the full range of changes at the Diablo 3 blog .

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