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Defiance release date set for April, live action trailer deployed

I understand that Defiance is meant to be a "transmedia experience" - combining the co-op MMO shooter with a SyFy TV show - but with their new trailer, Trion Worlds are taking things to the extreme. It's a live action teaser for the game portion of the project, complete with some very CGI bug monsters for the Ark Hunters to battle. Maybe next we'll see an in-game trailer for the TV series, thereby completely blurring the media divide.

Trion have also announced April 2nd as the date for the game's global release. Defiance will cost from $60/£35, with standard, collector and ultimate editions planned.

Before that, the closed beta will continue to run. The next test is due to start February 8th, and will allow participants to explore the San Francisco Bay area and play through new co-op instances. You can sign up for that at the Defiance beta page .

You can see trailers for both Defiance projects, each conforming to their respective media, right here .

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