Crysis 2 vanishes from Steam, now listed as "only on Origin"

The war on the middle-distance is never over. Ever.

Crysis 2 has vanished from the Steam store, apparently pulled by EA so that they can sell the game exclusively through their new digital store, Origin .

Kotaku note that the game's disappearance on Steam coincides with a note on the EA site declaring that Crysis 2 is available "only through Origin." In reality it's still possible to buy the game through a number of other sites, including Direct2Drive, Amazon and Impulse. It's unclear whether EA will have Crysis 2 removed from those sites, too, or whether they're intentionally targeting Steam as their main competitor.

EA have already said that Star Wars: The Old Republic will only be available digitally through Origin, but the latest move raises the question of whether future EA games like Mass Effect 3 and Battlefield 3 will only be available through EA's download service.

Thanks to Paine on our forums for the heads up.